Ep. 13: Lisa Fragala

Distance Learning & Paleo Cobbler

Lisa Fragala is a second-grade teacher in the Eugene School District. She talks with Val about the challenges of going back to school during the pandemic, and she shares her recipe for a paleo-friendly berry cobbler.

View recipe: Paleo Berry Cobbler

Gluten-free, Paleo

Ep. 12: Leigh Anne Jasheway

Laugh & Cheese

Stand up comic Leigh Anne Jasheway talks to Val about the reasons why we laugh, and she shares her recipe for vegan macaroni and cheese that doesn't taste like rubber! 

View recipe: Vegan Mac & Cheese


Ep. 11: Sam Gonzalez

Politics & Pancakes

Sam Gonzales joins Val to talk about recruiting and training diverse campaign organizers to work in battleground states in 2020. He shares a buttermilk pancake recipe that makes a great breakfast for those long campaign days.

View recipe: Buttermilk Pancakes

Ep. 10: Nan Whaley

Childcare & Mint Simple Syrup

Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio and Val Hoyle talk about the importance of high-quality childcare and the routine of working from home. She shares a simple syrup recipe that goes great with either bourbon or sun tea. 


Ep. 9: Noah Blankenship

Navigating COVID & Clam Chowder

Noah Blankenship joins Val Hoyle to talk about remote learning and the challenges of navigating COVID as someone who is Deaf. He recommends a New Clam Chowder recipe that always reminds him of home.

Ep. 8: Les Zaitz

Journalism & Apple Dutch Babies

Les Zaitz talks about the challenges that the journalism profession faces and the importance of trustworthy local news sources. He also shares a recipe for a delicious apple treat.

View recipe: Apple Dutch Babies

Ep. 7: Becky Hultberg

Hospitals & A Salmon Spread

Val Hoyle talks with Becky Hultberg, the new President & CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems. She speaks about the challenges facing Oregon's hospitals and shares a recipe for a Smoked Salmon Spread.

Ep. 6: Reyna Lopez

Farmworkers & Kale Caesar

Reyna Lopez speaks with Val Hoyle about PCUN and its work supporting farmworkers families in Oregon - particularly during the COVID-19 crisis. She shares her favorite Caesar salad recipe using fresh kale.

Ep. 5 Travis Nelson

Healthcare Workers &

A Peachy Cocktail

Val Hoyle discusses the needs of our frontline healthcare workers with Travis Nelson, a nurse and labor leader. Travis shares one of his favorite summertime cocktails.

Vegan & Gluten-free

Ep. 4: Kathleen George

Elk Stew

​Val Hoyle is joined by Grand Ronde Tribal Councilwoman Kathleen George, who shares a tribal nation's perspective on the pandemic - and explains why stew makes the perfect dinner while we're sheltering in place.

View recipe: Elk Stew

Ep. 3: Shelly Boshart Davis

Foolproof Focaccia

Val Hoyle speaks to Representative Shelly Boshart Davis (Albany) about how the supply chain for food and other essentials is affected during disasters. Plus, a disaster-proof focaccia recipe!

View recipe: Rosemary Focaccia

Ep. 2: James Manning

Healthcare (and BBQ) for All

Val Hoyle talks with State Senator James Manning, Jr. (Eugene & Junction City) about the importance of guaranteeing access to healthcare for all, as well as tips for making the best barbecue sauce.

View recipe: Uncle Dakota's BBQ

Ep. 1: Ellen Rosenblum

Civil Rights & Bean Salad

Val Hoyle talks with Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum about protecting Oregonians' civil rights during the COVID-19 crisis, Passover dinner, and a favorite salad recipe.