Uncle Dakota's BBQ Chicken/Ribs

From James Manning, Jr.


  • Chicken or ribs

  • BBQ sauce

  • Tabasco sauce

  • Brown sugar

  • Finely diced onions

  • IPA beer

Step 1

Marinate or dry rub the meat and refrigerate overnight.

Step 2
Prepare the smoker with hickory chips and allow to smoke for five minutes before adding meat. Rotate meat frequently to ensure even cooking.

Step 3
The sauce starts with a base BBQ sauce. Add a little Tabasco sauce, brown sugar, finely diced onions, and a dash or two of your favorite beer. James Manning generally uses a nice, locally-produced IPA. Place on the stove and heat until bubbling, stir often, reduce heat, cover, and simmer.

Step 4
Once the meat is cooked, remove from the grill, dip into the sauce, and return the sauce-covered meat back to the grill to lock in the smokey flavor. Do not let burn.