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Don't Eliminate Apprenticeships!

TriMet is threatening to cut its successful apprenticeship and job training program—and they're using it as a bargaining chip against employees as they negotiate a new contract. As if job training is something that only benefits workers. It’s not.

Join us and tell TriMet: DON'T CUT APPRENTICESHIPS!

Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle says, "TriMet relies on apprentices for every major project. Cutting or outsourcing this program makes no sense. Take this short-sighted proposal off the table."

Investing in training and apprenticeships improves the services—and quality of service—provided by TriMet. They are critical to TriMet's operations because they provide valuable hands-on paid training. They are good for the economy because they are a path to careers with good wages and benefits.

TriMet's programs are also some of the most diverse in the state, providing opportunities for women and people of color in jobs that have not always been open to them.

TriMet relies on apprentices, and they should be able to rely on TriMet to invest in them. Tell TriMet now: I STAND WITH COMMISSIONER HOYLE IN SUPPORTING APPRENTICESHIPS.

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