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As the former Director of Lane County’s 100 Percent Access Coalition, which strives to achieve affordable and accessible healthcare for all residents of Lane County, Val has a deep understanding of our health care system and how it is delivered to Oregonians. In Salem, Val continues to be a leading advocate on issues ranging from women’s health to community mental health. This year she sat on the House Healthcare Committee and the Governor’s Health Transformation Team.

Here are some of the issues related to heath that Val Hoyle has championed while in office:

  • Creating a health insurance exchange that will allow small businesses to purchase more affordable care for their employees and increase healthcare access to all Oregonians.
  • Guaranteeing insurance companies cover partial breast reconstruction after cancer treatment surgery.
  • Providing quality and necessary care for severely mentally ill Oregonians as part of a complete and comprehensive mental health system. A system that places people in the correct setting for their treatment, whether that is at a hospital level of care or in community based treatment. Val was an outspoken advocate for the plan to build a new state hospital in Junction City and close down older and less adequate facilities.
  • Increased penalties for the dangerous practice of unlicensed dentistry.


Val first got involved in Oregon politics ten years ago working for grassroots education groups like Stand for Children and fighting for adequate and stable funding for K-12 education. Since taking office, Val has continued to stand up for education and served as the Vice-Chair of the House Higher Education Sub-Committee.

Here are education issues that Val has fought for:

  • Creating a seamless education pathway from birth to graduate school that focuses on outcomes for students.
  • Providing adequate and stable funding for K-12 education in the face of devastating budget cuts. This includes further tapping the Education Stability Fund to reduce class sizes and add school days.
  • Reforming our higher education system through innovative ideas like the University of Oregon’s New Partnership Proposal and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission. These bills seek to make college more affordable and accessible to all Oregon students.
  • Creating an appointed School Superintendent to take the politics out of our Education Department and focus on what’s best for Oregon students.

Creating Jobs

In the worst recession that we have faced in our life time, House District 14 has been one of the hardest hit areas in the state. With this in mind, Val has kept her focus on creating jobs for the hard working constituents in her district.

Here are some of the ways that Val is helping to put Oregonians back to work, and keep them working:

  • Supporting the construction of the Oregon State Hospital in Junction City. This hospital will bring thousands of good family wage jobs to Lane County and provide important access to high level care for those who need it.
  • Supporting the creation of a healthcare exchange that will ease the burden of health insurance costs on small business. Approximately 94% of Lane County businesses employ 50 people or less, lowering health care costs while providing access to primary care saves money which allows those businesses to thrive and grow.
  • Supporting local farmers markets by modernizing laws to allow farmers to sell directly to the public.