As the ethical compass of our state, Oregon needs a Secretary of State who will stand up and do the right thing. Representative Val Hoyle has proven to be that leader.

While House Majority Leader, Val passed the most progressive legislative agenda in recent Oregon history while maintaining strong relationships across party lines. Her progressive values and collaborative leadership style is exactly what the Secretary of State’s office needs to keep Oregon moving forward.

As Secretary of State, Val will fight to:

Break down barriers to the ballot

As the Chief Elections Officer, the Secretary of State is responsible for maximizing voter participation. Val is the strongest candidate to engage voters to the process and will fight to make sure every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

* Provide pre-paid postage for ballots

* Introduce same-day voter registration

* Have ballots and voting information in different languages

Get big money out of politics

Oregon is one of the only states without any campaign finance limits, making for some of the most expensive campaigns in the nation. Val is committed reducing the influence of money in campaigns and empowering the voices of everyday Oregonians.

*Reform Oregon’s campaign finance law

* Institute publically financed election

* Require campaigns and candidate to list their top donors

Increase government accountability and transparency

Val knows nothing is more important than making sure the people of Oregon have a government they can trust. That’s why Val is committed to passing new laws to increase accountability and transparency in state offices and agencies. Val will:

* Use the audit function to streamline government while protecting critical services

* Use the audit function to ensure businesses contracting with the state are following the rules




Stand with Val

Together we will fight to reduce barriers to voting, improve government transparency and accountability, and continue to fight for small businesses and working people.

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Endorse Val

From campaigning door-to-door, volunteering your precious time, or sending a financial contribution, your endorsement of Val Hoyle will help foster a positive impact on the state of Oregon.

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15 years ago I was visiting a customer at a bike shop in Brixton (London) when a mechanic came out of the back and said that a plane had hit the WTC. We all just stood there shocked and confused about what happened not knowing if it was an accident or intentional. As soon as we heard that a second plane hit, the horror of what happened sunk in. We all had family and friends in NYC and I knew that my friends and family members that were fire fighters were likely there. We were evacuated out of the part of London that we were in as fear of other attacks spread. I sat in my hotel that night, thinking about the people still in the Trade Center and their family members who would be waiting for a call.

I had to get on a plane the next day to go from London to Cologne for a bike show and still hadn't heard from my cousin Bill, knowing he was probably there. It was such a difficult flight, I cried quietly for most of the flight. Bill finally emailed to say he was OK and how eerie it was to walk by his window and not see the towers. He would spend many more weeks trying to recover the remains of innocent victims and his brothers in the department. We were lucky, so many other families never got to see their loved ones again. My mother had a stack of obituaries a half an inch thick from the Park Slope (Brooklyn) newspaper, sons of people she grew up with who followed their fathers into the police or fire service. Brooklyn was disproportionately hit on that day.

I just wanted to go home to be with my husband and children but all flights were cancelled, it would be another week before any of us could leave. I remember the kindness of the everyone in the bike industry, people would ask if I was American and would express how sorry they were. Strangers asked if I needed a place to stay (hotels were filled up because no one could leave and flights were being sent back). It was heartbreaking and yet refreshing to know that terrorists couldn't take away our humanity.

As the daughter/niece/cousin of firefighters and police officers, those who ran into the building as others were running out, who saved so many lives that day and every day, I will never forget how grateful I am to those men and women who put their lives on the line every day. Today we remember those 2977 people who lost their lives on 9/11, every day we should remember that 411 were first responders. 343 firefighters, 60 police officers and 8 emergency medical technicians. #NeverForget ... See MoreSee Less

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